1 – Fixing Camera Shutter Error

Sometimes camera’s shutter gets stuck. In this case if shutter remained open then you will get a overexposed pictures and if shutter does not get opened at all then you will get black photos.

2 – Fixing Camera Lens Error

Lens errors are very common in digital cameras and mostly it is found in camera that has barrel style lenses. The main causes due to which lens error occur is all because of dirt, dust or sands gets deposited inside the lens or if lens get out of their place slightly.

3 – Fixing Camera Software Issues

This is another problem of digital cameras. You will find that hardware is working well but there is an issue in software.

4 – Fixing Camera Battery Error

There are many users out there who reports battery problems. It is true that battery errors can also become trouble for digital camera users.

5 – Fixing a Wet Camera


It is very common problem as camera mishandling can happen with anyone. You may drop your camera by mistake in river, Sea beach side, pool, Water Park or simply in water will damage your camera.

6 – Fixing SD Card Error

Sometimes you may get frustrated in finding what the problem with your camera is. And later you will come to know that the problem was in SD card and not in the camera. If you are getting “write error” then your photos does not get written to the card. First check your card is not locked and then try to take photos.

If your card is damaged due to dust or dirt then you may get card error. In this case make sure that the metallic part is dust free and if there is any dust then clean it with micro-fiber cloth that comes with camera for cleaning lenses. You may also use can of compressed air to clean the camera SD card slot and card, so that the they can make a good contact.

Different camera uses different format on the card. So formatting the SD card may also fix this problem. But before you format the card make sure that you take a backup of your photos from the card. You can find the “Format” Option in the menu of the camera itself.

When to Purchase New Camera

However, there are other several camera errors and problems which are impossible to do it yourself job. There are many camera repair shop and service center but they are usually very expensive. In many cases purchasing a new camera is better option. Below are few scenarios that will clear your question when to buy a new camera.

  • When repairing camera is more expensive than camera itself – Consider your camera is broken or damaged and repairing it, is costing more than your camera itself. You may confirm with your camera repair shop and then you can decide whether to go for new camera or not. You may purchase the older version of the camera it will help you to save money.
  • If there is sensor problem – In this case also fixing the sensor problems are tough and very expensive. You may go for replace but again find and estimate the price. If it’s much expensive then you can go for new one.
  • When your camera become old – If your camera has problems and you are not able to capture the best quality picture then the best option is to upgrade. In such case you must purchase a new digital camera or old model DSLR camera. You may get surprise by the improvement in quality because digital cameras have been modified with latest technology in the last 5 years.